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Family sues over death of inmate Glen the family of a former montgomery county jail inmate who died after falling out of a moving prison van is suing the county and several corrections officials, alleging wrongful death and the county's indifference to the safety of its detainees. Luis a.District court as the administrator of the estate of his son, luis a.Torres jr., on Wednesday, one day shy of the first anniversary of the Oct.13, 2010, incident. The montgomery county sheriff's department says torres jr., who was 30, was being transported from court in Amsterdam to the county jail in Glen when the van slowed to turn left from Route 5S into the facility.According to witnesses, torres"Intentionally turned to his right and unlocked the door and was Louis Vuitton Salehttp://www.buybuckeye.com/ able to get out of the vehicle"In an apparent escape attempt, sheriff michael amato said after torres' death. But the suit, filed by torres' amsterdambased attorney, elmer robert keach iii, and the niskayuna firm of martin, harding mazzotti, claims corrections officer terry a.Carter was driving recklessly and at an unsafe speed when he made the turn, which caused torres to have contact with the unlatched door and fall out. Torres was taken by ambulance to st.Mary's hospital in amsterdam, where he died. "There is little doubt that had luis torres jr.Been placed in a seat belt, as is ordinary corrections practice, he would be alive today,"The lawsuit says. The deals on Louis Vuitton Handbags sheriff's department policy is to not strap in inmates, since the action would leave corrections officers' weapons within inmates' reach, amato said after torres' death. Amato and undersheriff jeffery smith are named in the suit, along with corrections administrator michael franco, carter and corrections officer paul a.Daw, who also was in the van.Smith said friday he hadn't hadn't yet been served. Smith said the sheriff's department's investigation and one by the state commission on corrections both concluded that torres was at fault.But the sheriff's department admitted the van's door lock wasn't disabled from the inside of the vehicle, as it should have been.The van had recently been purchased and amato said corrections officials neglected to check it.He chalked it up to an"Oversight. " Keach said the county's primary witness disputes the county's account.He said torres' Louis Vuitton Men legs were shackled and his hands were cuffed behind his back, with the cuffs connected by a chain to another chain around his waist. "If you've seen how they transport these guys, it's not physically possible,"Keach said friday. "The chain precludes them from being able to run or lift their hands at all.It doesn't make any sense unless he's the next harry houdini. " Since torres' death, smith said, the sheriff's department disabled the lock on the inside of the van and now puts inmates' cuffed hands in"Security bags,"Which renders their hands and fingers unusable, during transport. "Sometimes, you have to be reactionary in law enforcement,"Smith said. "Never in all my years did we think somebody would stand up in a seated position to try and open the door in a moving vehicle. " The lawsuit requests a jury trial and a judgement for compensatory damages against each defendant and punitive damages against amato, smith, franco, carter and dow, as well as legal costs. Keach didn't specify the amount he's seeking;The dollar figure often"Sensationalizes things,"He said. "But certainly, the torres family wants a substantial sum of money to compensate them for the unnecessary death of their son. " He said montgomery county's insurance carrier declined to pay torres' funeral expenses, citing a nocost claim. "The torres family continues to not be able to pay for its own son's funeral,"Keach said. great deals Torres was paroled on april 27, 2010, after serving about four months of a maximum eightyear sentence for fifthdegree criminal sale of a controlled substance, according to the state department of correctional services. The day he died, he was in amsterdam city court to face charges of criminal mischief and harassment from oct.4, 2010.Both allegations would have been violations of his parole.Torres had not yet answered the parole violation in court. Keach also represents the family of another county inmate, james vandermark, who died at age 27 in october 2009 from complications of a sinus condition.The federal suit filed by his mother, theresa vandermark, on behalf of his estate, alleges the county was slow to respond to his complaints. He was taken to st.Mary's hospital oct.22, 2009, and was declared brain dead and died Oct.27, 2009.That case is scheduled for trial september 11, 2012.


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